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Has Brown given up on the next election?

With the ship of state steaming steadily southwards one would think that those charged with governing the country would at least make some attempt at….ooh….I don’t know….having some policies and being straight with the public about them?

But no. Instead we get this.

And this.

It is difficult to avoid the impression that mentally, they are in opposistion already and are rather bitter about it.

Labour, and Brown in particular, is obsessed with the Tories and always has been. They are so preoccupied with proving how meritorious and righteous they are when compared with the wicked Conservatives that they’re quite incapable of keeping their eye on the ball, i.e. doing something with the power with which they’ve been entrusted for the past 13 years. This served them well in terms of marginalising the Tories and winning elections, for a time, but has resulted in a barren record which will, in consequence, be recalled more for the fuck-ups and the wasted opportunities than for anything else.

When you appear to believe more in screwing over the opposition than anything that you might do in office, in the end it will all fall apart. Literally, Gordon’s only hope now would be to ignore the Tories and find some big theme, welfare reform being one glaringly obvious example (the kind of thing that he flunked during Labour’s first term when he got Frank Field sacked so he could tinker about with tax credits instead), go out and sell it to people, and convince them to give him more time to implement it. At least he’d look like he knew what he was doing for once.

But he can’t, he’s too contorted by hatred.

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One comment on “Has Brown given up on the next election?

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