Alan Johnson makes me want to smoke crack

He does, you know.

Now many people will agree with this sentiment. They will slap me heartily on the back, nod sagely and say that he is yet another meddling ZanuLabour politician who thinks more knee-jerk, populist attacks on our personal freedom, through unworkable laws (in a country drowning in laws) that regulate behaviour that was already covered in previous legislation are the answer to our nation’s social problems.

But this is not why I hate Alan Johnson.

I hate Alan Johnson because he is a postman.

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2 comments on “Alan Johnson makes me want to smoke crack

  1. Whenever I see Alan Johnson I always begin to long for the 1970s: industrial action, George & Mildred, flared trousers.

  2. Mick McGahey, Red Robbo, Tiswas, Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks on World of Sport….

    Have a good week….till next week.

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