My Edinburgh Fringe shows

And to be honest, I’d really rather it didn’t.

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4 comments on “My Edinburgh Fringe shows

  1. Again, I saw what you did! This blog never ceases to amaze me. I’m entertained yet it takes no time out of my day. The last thing I want in a blog is anything more than ten to fifteen words.

  2. You too are amazing, Madeley.

    Might I suggest the foundation of a sister organisation to the Richard Madeley Appreciation Society, namely the Richard Madeley and Lucien de la Peste Mutual Amazement Society?

    I think it’s an idea whose time has come.

  3. what, pray tell, is wrong with bangs (as americans call ’em, though the plural has always confused me)??

    we are talking about the same thing here, aren’t we?

    me, i haven’t had a fringe since 2004 although regrowing one might be advisable to hide all those laughter lines

  4. “Two nations divided by a common language” – George Bernard Shaw (some say Wilde, others say Churchill, but it was one of Shaw’s)

    Edinburgh Fringe

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