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A Cockney repeating slang primer

We are all familiar with the chirpy, cheeky Cockney Sparrer and his charming dialect, Cockney rhyming slang.

What few people know about is its more recent variant, Cockney repeating slang, devised in an Andersen shelter during the Blitz by tailor and part time kosher butcher, Solly Rabinowicz of Kneesup Mansions, Whitechapel.

Here are a few examples to get you started….

John Curry – Curry
Apples and Pears – Apples and Pears
Jesse Boot – Boot
Cadbury’s Smash – Smash
Heinz 57 – 57
John Deere – Deer
Mercedes Benz – Radiohead song
Anna Ford – Ford
Michael Caine – Cane
Eoin Hand – Hand
George Best – Best
Philip K Dick – Dick
Peter Gunn – Gun
A Man Called Horse – Horse
Jimmy Nail – Nail
Michael Foot – Foot
Ledley King – King
Darryl Hair – Hair
Dusty Hare – Hare
Hair of the Dog – Dog
Mike Catt – Cat
Michael Fish – Fish
Peter North – North
Joe South – South
Nathan East – East
Gordon West – West
Stephen Carr – Car
Jimmy Husband – Husband
Alan Shearer – Shearer
Wendell Sailor – Sailor
Jiminy Crickett – Cricket
Mike Batt – Bat
Michael Ball – Ball
Nick Rhodes – Roads
Peter Barnes – Barns
Petr Cech – Cheque
Eduardo – Diving Gooner Arsehole

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