Knighthoods through the ages

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, England’s greatest naval hero, had four orders of knighthood conferred upon him and commanded the 100 gun ship of the line, HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. He died there of his wounds.

Sir Teddy the Soak, now Ireland’s greatest naval hero, attempted to drive the 8 cylinder submersible, USS Oldsmobile under the Bridge of Chappaquiddick. He ran away.

A victim of the fabled Kennedy Curse, he died a 77-year-old, cancer-riddled dipsomaniac.

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2 comments on “Knighthoods through the ages

  1. Very good. I see what you did there. Utterly cruel yet ever so poignant.

  2. Bit too heavy on the poignancy then, Madeley?

    I’ll bear that in mind in future. Thanks for the tip.

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