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Xenophobe Jeopardy #1

They got kicked out of Spain, Portugal, India, Egypt, North America (apart from the bit they flogged to the yanks), Mexico, the Low Countries, Brazil….

They are a nation of garlic munching mummy’s boys who feel so insecure about their language and culture that they have to enact laws to protect them.

And their president is a coke-tooting dwarf with a slattern of a trophy wife and an ego the size of a Tony Blair-shaped barrage balloon.

Who are the French?

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One comment on “Xenophobe Jeopardy #1

  1. I’m not sure all French are like that (but most!) and you’re very right about the dwarf. Apart for the ego size. Much, much bigger..!

    There are a couple articles you might reading: http://wp.me/pyrb0-1e

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