Show Daddy how much you care

Don’t know about you, but I find Father’s Day gifts among the most difficult to pick out. Every year it seems to come down to a choice between lurid socks, novelty ties or some mephitic aftershave.

So why ride this annual tumbril of frustration and indecision? Why not opt for the tried and trusted? A book, after all, is for ever, unless it’s written by Jilly Cooper, in which case it’s for making papier maché voodoo dolls of Dan Brown.

Some suggested titles too look out for as you browse the fiction shelves at Waterstone’s….

Frank Lee Repulsives acclaimed novel, I Was Salman Rushdie’s Double, which has topped the Tehran Times best seller list for a record shattering eight years.

Dan O’Sorry’s new roman, a sweeping mid 20th century epic with big writing, lots of sex, violence and pictures. The Maeve Da Binchy Goad is set in De Valera’s poverty-stricken 1940s Ireland and tells the gruesome story of Sister Ray, a disturbed transvestite nun whose six month cattle prod murder rampage terrorises the Connemara community of Killallhippies. At 1,300 pages it will keep me in kindling right through the winter.

Alan Silly, whose latest offering, The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Phone Call, was the subject of an acrimonious bidding war between Random Violence and Macmillan & Wife.

Captain Of Horse, by Ronald Irvine-Welch, a towering Civil War historical epic, depicting heroin abuse in Fairfax’s New Model Army.

Hoarse OperaMary Renault-Espaço’s spellbinding love story, set in the ENO during the 1968 flu epidemic.

Serf Nazis Must DiePJ Hartley illuminates the rise of fascism in rural mediaeval England as only he can.

Pelican BriefsIan McAddled’s stultifying tale set amid the chaos of the 1948 Florida undergarment workers’ strike.

Drug Czar, by Sid Rasputin, a rambling, ill thought out yarn about the Winter Palace speedball craze of 1916.

Richard Littlehope, three time Old Fiction In New Packaging Award nominee delights us with his hilarious modern romp, To Hell In A Handjob.



2 comments on “Show Daddy how much you care

  1. Thanks for this riveting booklist. Christmas shopping solved. Also, thanks for the idea of what to do with Jilly Cooper books. I’ve made them into a charming coffee table.

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