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Pornstar tweet of the day #3

OK, look, I’m not normally given to schadenfreude, nor am I one to profit from the misfortunes of others, but I have to admit to a slight tingle of anticipation, the merest hint of increased activity in the salivary glands when I came across this tweet from our intrepid globetrotter, Jenna Haze yesterday….

Was a waiting world about to vicariously experience yet another adrenalin fuelled emotional roller coaster ride accompanying Jenna on her drive to The Plymouth of the West?

One dedicated follower just couldn’t endure the tension any longer….

Hope springs eternal in the blogger’s breast as the minutes tick slowly by. Maybe I’m onto something….
The minutes turn to hours….
And then, much, much later….

Well, that’s four hours of my life I’ll never get back.

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